Imagine arriving at the McDonald’s in Times Square at three o’clock in the morning to realize that instead of getting the happy meal you have been craving, an outrageous party is happening inside. This scenario is a fantasy in the New York of today but Michael Alig made this and other outrageous parties happen in […]

There are many ways to decode, or understand fashion.  It can most easily be boiled down to consumerist tendencies and mass appeal.  When you wake up you make a decision, either consciously or unconsciously, about what to put on that reflects something about you; your mood, the nature of that place you are going, your […]

‘Fame and Fortune’ are two well-known traits of most celebrities today in American culture. A celebrity is a person who has a prominent profile, commands public interest, and has a major influence on social media/news sites. Fashion and trends are driven by social needs, in which the upper, social celebrity class determines what fashion trend […]

In fashion appropriation is typically involved in a cycle of appropriation and re-appropriation of subcultures and mainstream. The definition of appropriation is to take an object and give it new meaning or use. Hebdige in his book Subculture: The Meaning of Style frames appropriation ideologically. One major ideological assumption of fashion is that items have […]

Transsexual writer Kate Bornstein once wrote that the driving forces in our culture are “the need for a recognizable identity, and the need to belong to a group of people with a similar identity.” (Bornstein 3) Since fashion is a manifestation of identity, consumers normally purchase products that can express their personal style and display […]

In my early days of high school I found myself swept up into the cultural fever of the “scene” aesthetic, it being one of the prominent subcultures of my age group at the time. It was time to do away with my Hollister garb and try something different, something unique. I loathed to shop at […]

Today fashion truly follows a less is more attitude; the less fabric there is, the more fashionable an outfit is. This has led to the appropriation of underwear and other intimate apparel to become acceptable daywear. Pieces like demi-corsets, lace tops, sheer tops over visible bras, and pajama suits can be found all over, from […]