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Political message in fashion: the context, content, and decoding.

Fashion is not only used as a tool to express one’s tastes, but it is also utilized in ways that reveals one’s political and social stance. As we have seen in one of professor Portwood-Stacer’s pinterests, one of Beyonce wearing a shirt that is imprinted with Obama’s face, there are explicit displays of the relationship […]

The Fluidity Of Style Politics: A Look At Catherine’s Board And The Cycle Of Subcultural Style

The last time I discussed the zoot suit riots I was in my 2nd year Spanish class in high school. Before our discussion in that class I, like many Americans, only knew of the famous 90s song “Zoot Suit Riots” and I was shocked to learn about the racial tensions and bloody riots caused by […]

Tattoo Me… And Everyone I Know

Vale and Juno discuss the modern trend of visually marking one’s self in a way that parallels older “primitive” models. They’re very curious about what prompted this trend and what it communicates. They note, “it is impossible to return to an authentic ‘primitive’ society” (Vale & Juno, 4). By examining last week’s pinterest boards we […]

What Does Your Tattoo Say About You?

In “From Carnival to Transgression,” expressive behavior that inverts and opposes conventional cultural values, norms, and codes is considered transgression. People can use transgressive literature, art, religion, or politics to play an active role in the construction of their own identities. Though tattooing and other forms of body modification are permanent acts of transgression, Carnival […]

To Tattoo or Not(too)

Talking about body manipulation, and in particular tattoos, is hard to do. This is because, as Sweetman tells us, tattoos are showing up on more and more people, of different genders, socio-economic classes and ethnicities. Tattoos, as well as piercings, are no longer just for young working class men. Different people get different tattoos for […]

Too hip to be a Hipster?

The search for the definition of a hipster will always be a circular discussion, as it is so evidently paradoxical to its core. Many people have attempted to find a definition for the term “hipster,” questioning whether it is a noun, an adjective, or ever a lifestyle. One thing that is clear about hipsters, however, […]

What subculture are you a part of?

Culture is a never ending and consistently changing concept that has been around for centuries, being shaped by a variety of events and numerous amounts of people. In Dick Hebdige’s Subculture The Meaning of Style, he said, “[Culture] even as a scientific term, it refers both to a process… and a product” (Hebdige 5). Culture […]