Over the years, medical providers have always been distinguishable from other professions, particularly by the way they are dressed.  Scrubs, and lab coats are among the most globally recognizable clothing for which people can instantly associate with the healthcare profession.  In this sense, such apparel serves as a representation of this field of occupation. Representation […]

Religious dress has often been a controversial topic, such as the burqa and the hijab, especially in a post 9/11 world. So it’s fair to assume to that religion and fashion must have little in common, but as we will see, there are areas in which they overlap. In recent years, celebrities and fashion designers […]

Like Fashion, beauty is a way to communicate your social status. There is a hierarchy of beauty that has been set by, what Veblen could call, the “leisure class.” In The Theory of the Leisure Class, Veblen explains that through conspicuous consumption, leisure classes put their wealth into evidence. Being conspicuous, however, must be absent […]

Lululemon Athletica, a trendy athletic-wear retail company founded in 1998, has recently had a surge in popularity. Its red and white circular logo, stylish and eco-friendly shopping bags, and fashion-forward, yoga-inspired workout apparel have become commonplace both on the city streets and at the gym. It seems to me that the increase in popularity of […]

In the first season of Glee, Rachel Berry is a mousy sophomore with a big voice and an even bigger penchant for cardigans and knee socks (“sexy school girl librarian chic,” if you will). Despite her enormous talent, she consistently remains at the bottom of the high school hierarchy. In the episode “Hairography,” Kurt gives […]

The Converse “All Star” sneaker was first created in 1917, marketed as an athletic basketball shoe, named after the basketball icon and converse collaborator and designer, Chuck Taylor. The history of Converse is a long and continuous one, as the shoe played and still plays a social and cultural role in mass media for nearly […]

Dancers would consider themselves to be a subculture in society that contain further subgroups within its broad category such as hip hoppers, jazz dancers, tappers, and the well-known ballerinas. Although unnoticed, ballerinas have a particular style of dress that they have worn for many, many years, which distinguishes them from other types of dancers. This […]