Week 1: Introduction

1/29:    Introductions – no readings

1/31:    Wilson, “Adorned in Dreams”

Roach and Eicher, “The Language of Personal Adornment”


Week 2: How to think about fashion

2/5:      Hebdige, “From Culture to Hegemony”

Davis, “Do Clothes Speak? What Makes Them Fashion?”

2/7:      Wilson, “Fashion and City Life”

Simmel, “Fashion”

Wallace, “The Geography of Girlwatching in Postwar Montreal”


Week 3: Status and display

2/12:    Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class (excerpts)

2/14:    Bourdieu, Distinction (excerpts)

Young, “Signaling Status with Luxury Goods”


Week 4: Questioning trickle down fashion

2/19:    McRobbie, “Second-Hand Dresses and the Role of the Ragmarket”

Marwick, “Conspicuous and Authentic”

2/21:    Fiske, “The Jeaning of America”

Dant, “Consuming or Living With Things?”


Week 5: Hip

2/26:    Grief, “The Hipster In the Mirror”

Aiello, “Field Guide to the Urban Hipster” (to be provided)

One more reading, TBA

2/28:    Frank, “Fashion and Flexibility”

Gladwell, “Listening to Khakis”

White, “Burn Down the House of Commons in Your Brand New Shoes”


Week 6: Subculture

3/5:      Hebdige, Subculture: The Meaning of Style, Part One

3/7:      Hebdige, Subculture: The Meaning of Style, Part Two


Week 7: Bodily Transgression

3/12:    Stallybrass and White, “From Carnival to Transgression”

Lundoff, “Tattoo Me”

Vale & Juno, “Modern Primitives”

Suggested: Interview with Don Ed Hardy (modernprimitives-donedhardy.pdf)

3/15:    Sweetman, “Anchoring the (Postmodern) Self? Body Modification, Fashion and Identity”

Personal Pinterest Board (at least 5 pins) due


Week 8: Style Politics

3/26:    Cosgrove, “The Zoot Suit and Style Warfare”

Portwood-Stacer, “’I’m Not Joining Your World’: Performing Political Dissent through Spectacular Self-Presentation” (to be provided)

Keyword curation topics due (know your keyword and your theme)

3/28:    Mercer, “Black Hair/Style Politics”


Week 9: Cultural Appropriation

4/2:      Tu, “”The Cultural Economy of Asian Chic”

Yang, “Why the Rise of Asia in Fashion Isn’t As Beautiful As It Seems”

4/4:      hooks, “Eating the Other”

Hix, “Why the ‘Native’ Fashion Trend Is Pissing Off Real Native Americans”


Week 10: Fashion as Industry

4/9:      Freudenberger, “Fashion, Sumptuary Laws, and Business”

Wilson, “The Fashion Industry”

Keyword curations due

4/11:    Beard, “The Branding of Ethical Fashion and the Consumer: A Luxury Niche or Mass-Market Reality?” (to be provided)

Made By Women pdf (choose any 2 chapters)


Week 11: Femininity and Patriarchy

4/16:    Nelson, “Dress Reform and the Bloomer”

Foucault, “Docile Bodies”

Bartky, “Foucault, Femininity, and Patriarchal Power”

4/18:    Bordo, “The Body and the Reproduction of Femininity”

Wright, “Objectifying Gender”


Week 12: Gender Discipline

4/23:    Jantzen, Ostergaard, & Vieira “Becoming a ‘Woman to the Backbone’: Lingerie Consumption and the Experience of Feminine Identity”

Foucault, “Technologies of the Self”

4/25:    Butler, “Imitation and Gender Insubordination”

Newton, “Role Models”

Frye, “Politics of Reality”

Week 13: Lesbians
4/30:    Inness, “Flunking Basic Gender Training”

Kennedy and Davis, “‘We’re Going to be Legends, Just Like Columbus Is’: The Butch-Fem Image and the Lesbian Fight for Public Space”

Suggested: Austin, “Femme-inism”

Suggested: Moore, “Lipstick or Timberlands: Meanings of Gender Presentation in Black Lesbian Communities”

5/2:      Woolfe, “It’s Not What You Wear”

Stein, “All Dressed Up But No Place to Go”

Final paper outline due


Week 14: Fetishism and Erotics

5/7:      Steele, “Fashion and Fetishism”

Read one of the following (you’ll be assigned one of the three)

Kunzle, “The Special Historic and Psychological Role of Tight-Lacing”

Gamman & Makinen, “Female Fetishism”

Roberts, “The Exquisite Slave”

5/9:      Wrap-up

Personal Pinterest Board (at least 10 pins) due


Final Paper due Thursday 5/16 by 6p

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